Tour 2 – Lassan’s corner – Buggenhagen

Just underneath the Island Usedom you’re taken nearly along the shore to Lassan, Lassan’s corner and Buggenhagen. A demanding tour considering the route you are about to choose – uneven tarmac, sandy ways or across some meadow or through some forest. However, this very unspoiled nature and its peace are not the only reward for you. It is the people and their enthusiasm who make this corner to what it is and so are you today.  
Pacing places as Negenmark, the old castle in Seckeritz, the tiny church in Wehrland-Bauer with its colorful decorated wooden ceiling you can choose to pay visits to Klein Jasedow and the House of sounds and further to the garden for your senses (smelling and touching).

Away from the sandy beaches of the Baltic sea and along the shore of the Peenestrom, between the 2 bridge to the island Usedom, even in the tiny town Lassan you are able to find many intresting things. Take a break and draw a breath befor you continue to Buggenhagen and its lived in castle and museum of contemporary art.

How you are going to continue doesn’t depend alone on the time. Many things worth seeing are still in this area – ecological farm with shop in Wangelkow, small ponds for a swim, village-church in Pinnow, the climate of the forest around Buddenhagen – and wait for your return.

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